Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pak Google, the modern wizard

I have no favourite site in particular; but in terms of internet traffic and cache memory, Google dominates my tunnel of high-speed fiber optics (a jammed up 'tunnel').

Google..with the "I'm feeling lucky" button *ahem*

Every time when I reach out to the window of web browsing, Google always pops out and say "May I help you.....what do you want this time around?" Google is my personal wizard; it can magically search for links, scholar papers, pictures, road directions, and even translations that I thought harder to understand than the blue language of Navi (Pandora's native language).

Apart of the word "Google" which represents the web search engine (wizard), it has become a verb that used by us in everyday lives. Sentences like "I'm googling a picture of your mother in AMSTERDAM.." or "ask Pak Google (modeled from our national laurate Pak Samad) for answers lah!" ..... imagine the wonders of Google can do for you!

I shall not promote Google (which I wish I get paid for it) anymore, go ask your friendly Pak Google if you have any mysteries to solve!

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